Events & Master Mind Partnership with Cybersecurity Defense Ecosystem

The Cybersecurity Defense Ecosystem is a resource where vars, MSPS, MSSPS, and SOCS could find everything they need to build and scale an effective cybersecurity managed services business practice


This ecosystem contains the best spectrum of cybersecurity solutions evaluated by cybersecurity professionals (including CISOs). As new solutions arise, our army of CISOs will examine them before they can be featured on the CDE marketplace. All suppliers must also be channel-centric because the channel will promote, sell, deploy, and manage their solutions.

A substantial portion of the membership benefits are available for free. In many cases, that will be enough for many members. That said, all benefits will add incremental value to your business, so we are also working with vendors and suppliers to minimize costs for our members through discounts and rebates. The goal is to eventually offer everything to our members at little or no cost with the support of our vendor and supplier partners!

Keep an eye out. Although it is still early days, we are on a mission to deliver on our mission. Together, we are the Cyber Defenders!