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I coach aspiring and stressed CEOs, CISOs, CIOs, CFOs, leaders & entrepreneurs who are looking to make the transition to 10x their life and career.

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As a Keynote Speaker, Coach Mel unifies his Puerto Rican roots, being raised in NY, with his California lifestyle to bring educational, incredibly entertaining, and motivatingly empowering speeches.

With a deep understanding of the IT, Cybersecurity, and Startup landscapes, our training empowers executives to forge resilient teams.

With nearly two decades of coaching experience, Coach Mel can lead individuals and teams to new heights while supporting mastermind sessions for targeted verticals.


 I see you 

We seek individuals, teams, leaders, or aspiration leaders who are exhausted, confused, and running on empty, even though they think they’re doing everything right.

Coach Mel has survived Fortune 10-1000 companies, family-owned businesses, four startups, two IPOs, two divestitures, three M&A’s, three media agencies, three financial institutions, a manufacturing group, and a myriad of other verticals globally.  He knows firsthand the stress and pains of navigating Cybersecurity, IT, and Startups.

Coach Mel proudly opens his doors to help you reach your peak performance, remove limiting beliefs, and help you showcase your superpowers.



Keynote Speaker

World-renowned keynote speaker tackling hot topics

Elevate your next event with a keynote speaker who brings over 30 years of navigating the IT and Security drama to the forefront of innovation and resilience—introducing Coach Mel! With an unparalleled blend of real-world experience, Coach Mel delivers not just a speech but a transformative journey and experience through the cybersecurity landscape.

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Leadership Training

Training programs designed for peak performance

This executive training is expertly designed for seasoned leaders, cybersecurity security teams, and aspiring executives and distilled from decades of wisdom to achieve leadership excellence.

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Coaching, Accountability,
& Master Mind Groups

Leverage collective wisdom

Strategic guidance empowers you to unlock your full potential.  A structured framework for you to pursue your goals, ensuring sustained growth and success. Cybersecurity, Business Owners, and Startup Founders can leverage collective wisdom, and leaders can propel their organizations forward, innovate, and achieve unparalleled success.

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Corporate Executive Training

Mastermind Group Sessions

Elite Executive Coaching

Executive DISC Assessment

Executive Resume Makeover

Resume Makeover

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Mel is really good at seeing people for who and what they are. He took a chance and hired me. When I was in a personal downward spiral he helped pull me out of my dark state. He gave me new purpose and direction. He gave me the kick in the ass that I needed and helped get me and my life back on track. He could have easily fired me and kicked me to the curb, but he didn't. He stuck with me and helped to pull me through. He helped me get to a better place in life. He is a really good person with a lot of hidden talents. He sees through all the BS. He rolls with the punches and tries to keep his unique sense of humor.


Global Program Manager
In addition to his vast experience as CIO, CISO, author, and public speaker, the thing that I admire and appreciate most about Mel is his approach to leadership and the genuine care he brings to it. Mel is a true mensch, and does everything he can to help people in their careers, no matter what stage they're in or what they're going through - he has an intuition for exactly what's needed to help them through it. Is he a highly credentialed technologist with zillions of achievements? Yes! But at the end of the day, I'm proud to know him because of his positive impact on people's lives, mine included.

Jay M.

SVP, Senior Director of Corporate Insights & Analysis
Working with Mel has been a life-changing experience and I can honestly say a net boon in my own life. Not only is his enthusiasm infectious, but his demeanor and outlook forces you to introspect your own views & thoughts dramatically. He will challenge you and your responses through his coaching to experience how others will see & hear you. His careful delivery has ensured I'm not only taking a second to gather my thoughts to express them clearly, but taking a minute to polish them.

P. Gonzalez

VP, Application Delivery Manager
Mel clearly demonstrates all the key characteristics of a great leader. His honesty, enthusiasm, commitment and ability to inspire were evident in everything that was assigned to him and his team. His technical assessments, design aesthetics, creative vision, and knowledge of technology, best practices, and marketing execution were on display with every project. His passion for building the business, work ethic, and ability to create an exciting team dynamic made intense schedules and demanding projects run smoothly to successful completion. There are very few people that I've met that can compare to the energy and excitement that Mel brings to work every day.

Marie C.

Direct of Information Technologies
I was fortunate to work for Mel, and from the start he was a true mentor and leader of our department. He was a fantastic partner, and had a strong focus on building relationships with our business units and focused on delivering best-in-class solutions for our stakeholders and customers. In addition to his relationship building skills, Mel is an extremely technical leader who was able to translate business requirements into technical solutions that drove eCommerce growth at the company. It was an absolute pleasure working for him, and any company would be lucky to have Mel leading their teams.

A. Figueroa

Chief Technology Officer

Cybersecurity & Technology Clients

Speaking Engagement Clients

Startup, Board, & Advisory Roles

Awards and Recognition

2024 – Certified Professional Coach (CPC)

2024 – Tech Executive Leadership Initiative Certification – Aspen Institute 

2023 – Certified in Cybersecurity Certification (CC) – ISC²

2023 – Volunteer Impact Award Recipient – Tech Impact

2021 – Boardroom Certified Qualified Technology Expert (QTE) – DDN

2021 – HMG Global Leadership Institute Award Recipient

2021 – Ordained Minister – Open Ministry

2019 – Synchrony Exceptional Leadership Award Recipient

2015-2019 – Four US Patents, Systems/Methods Content & Media Interfaces

2016 – B2B eCommerce Marketer of the Year – Cenveo Manufacturing


DEI - Mel Reyes Executive Coach & TrainerICF Member - Mel Reyes Executive Coach & Trainer ISC² Certified in Cybersecurity - Mel Reyes Executive Coach & Trainer

ICF ACSTH - Mel Reyes Executive Coach & Trainer

Certified Scrum Product Owner - Mel Reyes Executive Coach & TrainerCertified ScrumMaster - Mel Reyes Executive Coach & Trainer