Cyber Workforce Risk Management Partnership with CyberSN™

Enhancing Operations with Talent Development and Retention

Cybersecurity professionals are leaving organizations at a high rate due to lack of training and development of their careers. Organizations are struggling with repeatability, automation, risk and or sales projections due to talent turnover. In order to develop and retain these vastly different profiles of cybersecurity professionals, organizations need a custom solution.

CyberSN is an essential partner in cybersecurity workforce strategy, offering talent intelligence solutions that empower leaders to acquire, develop, retain, and diversify their teams. CyberSN’s Workforce Intelligence Platform and proprietary Taxonomy gives security leaders a comprehensive 360-degree view of their entire workforce across their full-time employees, contractors, consultants, and Managed Security Service Providers. 

Why Use This Service

CyberSN’s Cyber Workforce Risk Management Service results in cross-departmental training plans as well as organizational charts that span one to five years and taking into account employee career aspirations, along with business maturity strategies.

Cybersecurity Workforce Insight

  • Custom Cybersecurity Job Descriptions based on Current Tasks and Projects 
  • Workplace Happiness and career Aspirations Assessment

Organizational Risk Mitigation

  • Job Title and Salary Alignment recommendations
  • Resource Gap Identification 

Workforce Development & Retention Planning

  • Custom Career Development Plans
  • Cyber Organizational Capabilities and Functional Structure
  • Diversity Strategy

Customer Testimonial

❝ This is one call I get to go to that is about caring for me and our team. ❞
- Kirk Davis – VP, Chief Information Security Officer, ECU Health