Executive Empowerment Program – Biweekly

What do I get?

Three months of coaching:
  • 13 Week Career, Branding, and Executive Presence Program Course
  • Elite Resume makeover includes LinkedIn optimizations
  • Speaking engagement introductions to Global IT/Security groups
  • Introductions to VC and incubator companies
  • Professional SME positioning, branding, and content guidance
  • Interview Coaching
  • Salary and Contract negotiations
  • Introductions to executive recruiters, retained recruiters, and others
  • 2 – One-on-One 60-minute sessions each month
  • 2 – Quick 15-minute check-ins (at any time) each month
Total: 7.5+ hours of live coaching, plus support between sessions.

What’s the cost?

Your card will be automatically billed for $500 per month.
The total charges with installment fees will be $1,500 for the entire 3 months of coaching.

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